Wednesday, May 2

It's a comin'

Alright y'all, git yer pretty boots on an yer parasols because the Beehive Bazaar is coming en una semana!! One week until you can mill about and get all things crafty and handmade down in Utah Valley. Yours truly will have a pretty little table there with loads of macarons and marshmallows! This is a great event that showcases a lot of local talent. And we all know how the ladies (and gents!) get it done over there in the craft department. Come on down! May 10-12 all day long. Just in time for Mother's Day! Here is what is on the Noisette menu:

White Chocolate Raspberry
Cherry Buttercream
Mango Orange Buttercream
Milk Chocolate ganache

Strawberry and Lemon i.e. Strawberry Lemonade!


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