Monday, April 30

A cake the colors of the rainbow

I'm a little annoyed. I took some pictures of one of the cakes I'm making this week and they didn't save :(  wtf!? My phone has technology held together with toothpicks and gum so you'll have to just use your imagination on this one. I was asked to do a little cake with 6 layers, and each layer is a different color of the rainbow ( i know, i know. the rainbow has 7 colors. but somehow indigo just didn't make the cut). It's a really darling idea for a one-year olds birthday party. It's going to be her smash cake, so lot's of baby hands will be in this one. If I can get a pic from the momma I'll put it up. Also, this pic has nothing to with anything. Other than I like it. Oh my fair downtown stomping grounds.

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