Thursday, November 3

Never Have I Ever

-wanted to start a juice fast so much. We haven't started yet. Not my fault though! The juicer we got was defective which then needed to be returned which then needed to be reordered. Saturday's the day I swear!
-wanted to revamp my wardrobe so bad. Seriously, I'm almost to that point where everything must go. And then I remember that you need serious moola to then refill it again. whoops.
-wanted to just do ballet every day. Ok I lied, I actually have always wanted to do it more than I have been. But could you imagine the core muscles I'd have?

-needed a massage so badly. My poor body.
-needed to get back in to yoga. See above comment.
-thought I would ever be the one to try wearing those fake glasses when I had to deal with them legitimately for most of my life until I got Lasik. What we do for fashion...
-wanted something to work out so badly for Matt and me! The waiting is the worst.

By the way, I'm super in love with these shoes I saw at Nordstrom Rack the other night. It was that moment when you try something on and it just fits. sigh. So cute, they are.

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