Tuesday, November 1

How I spent my Halloween

You know you're getting older when you can't even figure out a costume to wear on Halloween. Actually, let's be honest-I don't think I cared that much this year(!). Which is weird. I usually try to one-up my costume from the year before and make it different than what everyone else does. This year fell flat and hard. Matt wasn't even in to it. I think because his costume last year was probably too hard to beat. He couldn't even top himself.

Ah yes, I am married to this mustache. Just go grab that bottle of Tapatio out of your fridge and make a comparison. Spot. On.

So, since Matt and I played ADULTS for Halloween, the only excitement we could get for the day was getting my blood drawn. I had to do this anyway for something else so off we went to the clinic. I don't do blood by the way. There's something about the fact that it's supposed to remain
inside by body that makes my brain freak out. Let me prove. One time, I went to donate platelets with my sister and when the lady was done drawing that little bit for testing, I stood up, wobbled in to the other room and passed out. So freaky. I'm so unfamiliar with doctors and hospitals and I never do anything like this. The closest I get to hospitals is to visit new babies. I mean, I touch raw meat and get my hands dirty, and I'll try any type of weird food (minus the bugs. gross) so I seriously had no idea I was like this. Anyway, I tried my hardest to control myself. Have you ever willed yourself out of passing out? I was SO DRAINED, so tingly, and I swear all I could do was concentrate on breathing evenly. Poor blood guy looked a little concerned. Apparently all the color drains from your face and you get clammy. I must have looked amazing.

In the end, we did get to do something a little fun. Matt and the band he's in with his brothers (Birthquake!) played on PCTV (Park City TV). Go Birthquake brothers!

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