Thursday, October 27


Ok, so I guess I should just get this over with. Matt and I decided to do something so radical and so unusual for us that it required us to make a purchase:

This is a juicer. Why? Because we are going to take all those fruits and veggies you see in the store and make them into liquid. And then we're going to drink them. And then we're going to hopefully start seeing (and feeling) our bodies get happy. We recently watched this movie and decided we wanted to try it. Correction: Matt wanted to try it and I wanted to go along with him. I'm going for two weeks and he's going to try 30 days. The goal is to only drink healthy juice for every meal. EVERY DAY. It's all so ridiculous when you think that Thanksgiving is only 4 weeks from today (weird!). Oh well. I pretty much count on Matt being done before then. He's not one to miss out on turkey day.
I know that my last effort was only completed to about 75%, but I'm more prepared this time. I actually have a scale now, and I have another person with me. I don't think the weight will just
melt off like the guy in the movie, but I do hope I feel better. I know from my time at IIN that these things do actually work when done right and under the right expectations.

We start this weekend.

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Robin said...

Wow! Goodluck to the both of you!
This seems like far too much of a challenge...I just love food.
Although I do like to include a lot of fruits and veggies into my meals.

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