Wednesday, October 26


I've never considered myself a 'crafter'. I always left that up to my female counterparts. And let's be honest, Utah is craft central. But when I couldn't attend a class on how to make creepy Halloween decor bottles, my friend and I decided to figure it out ourselves. She's the one with the craft knowledge, so we pulled our heads together and came up with these. And it cost less too! They weren't very hard to do either. You want to know how? OK! Here goes. Get ready for how easy this was.

-buy some bottles. Glass, plastic...whatever suits your mood. A thrift store does well for this.
-get some paint. We only had acrylic paint and some silver spray paint. I really wanted to use black spray paint, which I think would have worked the best, but I totally forgot to get it. ( Did I mention I was sick this weekend? Apparently it was the flu. Who knew.)
-get some awesome labels or make your own. I love that it doesn't have to be anything special here. If it says "potion", you're good to go.
-you can either paint the bottle now, or wait until you glue the label on with Mod Podge. I did a little of both so I could get that aged look.
-then, finish off the label with painting over it with more Mod Podge, and then add some twine around the top.

This was total trial and error. Could it have been better? Probably. If I do it again I would get better labels and black spray paint. I guess the added glitter glue wasn't so bad though...

Happy creepy bottle decor Halloween.


Merrells said...

Cute idea!

farm chick said...

What a fun idea! ps, what camera do you use? Your pics are always amazing.

m! said...

well that's super nice! it's actually an old version of the Canon Rebel. Actually, I got it when they first came out like 5 or 6 years ago. It's served me well :)