Friday, September 9

CLC & Introducing... *noisette!

noisette (nwa-zet)-"hazelnut"
So this was Craft Lake City-the first Noisette experience. I just hoped to feel that I had a good experience and that I could sell some stuff. What I got was even better. Aside from it being very hot and humid that day (yuck.) it was a successful day. I was hoping to have a canopy umbrella to hang the material from, but they put me under a covered spot anyway, so I had to improvise. Luckily those columns were there... I got to see a lot of friends who happened to be there. In fact, I saw a ton of people I knew. And so many of them were so supportive! They were so sweet and bought some of my goodies. I had a pretty steady stream of people the whole day. It was more than I could have asked for! I'm just happy people seemed to enjoy it. It's always a little scary putting yourself out there like that after you've worked so hard! But, I deem it a success. I found that there were two types of people: the people who didn't know what a French Macaroon was at all, and then those who totally knew and loved them. It was interesting to see them try it for the first time.

My mom was my little sidekick the whole time. I seriously couldn't have done it without her help. And you see that beautiful ivory box in that picture? That was made by my father-in-law -all by hand. The guy's amazing! He just had that stuff lying around his garage! I received so many nice compliments about it.

Yay CLC :)

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