Monday, October 3

Mr & Mrs Mabe

I love it when friends trust me to do their wedding cake. I did this cake for a couple of friends who were meant for each other. Darling couple, those two... Anyway, I tried to pattern this cake after her dress. It was a vintage lace sort of style, with a really pretty tulle sash. She wasn't sure what she wanted, so we settled on that design. Her colors were a very purple purple, if that makes sense. Oh and gray-ish charcoal. It's funny because when I got their to put the flowers on, her mom handed me this HUGE bunch of flowers wrapped in paper and said, " we asked for purple and this is what she gave us". Heh. Looks purple and burgundy and... whatever! I like it! I think it turned out ok, and honestly nobody notices those things anyway right? Happy wedding!

lemon poppyseed cake with strawberry buttercream and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

You know I've got to be honest. I hate the way these pictures look. Granted, I took them, but I just can't edit them the way I want right now and I was too impatient not to post something seeing as how it's been forever. This is what you get for now internet...

Oh and,

photo by V

the VERY happy couple :)

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