Wednesday, October 5

Date Night

We don't get a ton of these. Actually, I lied. We go out, but it's not labeled a date necessarily. I guess that's the difference. We labeled this a date (it's the small things guys). We were super excited to be going out to a new place and then get frozen yogurt and see a movie. We figured that since we were those cheap people and used a gift certificate, then we'd be ok to go to a full price movie. Wow. The luxuries.

Drive was the movie, and The Garage was the food. It's out in Industrial Land Utah, which means those megawatt lights you see in the picture are actually some sort of refinery. Weird? Whatever it works. They have deep fried mormon potatoes! Seriously. If you don't know what mormon potatoes are, go here, and then go make yourself some. You'll be converted! (heh heh. get it? I kid, I kid). Anyway so after we finished our saturated fat, we rolled out the door and headed to a local yogurt place. I shared a cup with Matt of original with mochi and these little juice filled berry things. I don't know what they are but they are delish-ous. I made Matt try lychee with it. It took some convincing. He said it looked like...I'm not going to say it. Anyway when he discovered it actually tasted like a really sweet fruit (because, I don't know, THAT'S WHAT IT IS) he ended up liking it. I win.

Drive was awesome, by the way. I have a secret crush on Ryan Gosling. I don't know, I guess it was The Notebook that did it.

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