Saturday, January 8

Part Deux

I was greeted two nights ago with packages aplenty on my doorstep. I love getting packages. It's like opening presents. Anyway here is what the Amazon gods sent me:

A really great strap for my yoga mat. It's a three in one thing so it can not only hold it together, but can be used for stretching and resistance training. It's awesome.

A Detox book. I find it only fitting being that the new year is here. Seriously you guys, if you haven't detoxed in some form or another in the past, try it out. You'll never feel better. It's amazing what making a few small changes to your lifestyle can do. And this book was only 3 cents or something ridiculous...seriously, it was.

And...the best part. A freaking ice cream maker. I've been daydreaming about one of these all year. I have so many fun ideas for ice cream. oh my gosh...

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