Wednesday, January 5

Holy jeez it looks like an iPad

I'm a lucky girl. I got a super duper package in the mail today. My momma gave me a really cool thing called a gift card for my birthday. And I spent it on Amazon. I have a little bit of an obsession with Amazon. I think it's the Wish List? Yeah. I've been building that thing for the past 4 years at least. It's just sad because I don't think I've ever bought anything off of it. You'd think that with the Super Saver Shipping I'd be all over it, but... until now! Yay for ME. Three of the things I bought came today after waiting excruciatingly long. Like 5 days. So today I got:

A kitchen scale that looks like the space age. Imperative in the kitchen. At least for me. LOVE IT.

A cast iron, double sided, flip thing. Mr Grill-Mr Griddle.

And last for today, the best cover up ever made, Max Factor. Especially now that it's not being sold anymore in the US. Boo.

And more is coming...

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