Wednesday, January 12

Merry Holidays

Every year as Christmas is approaching I realize that I have a massive list full of people that need presents. My family isn't exactly small, plus, when you're married, you have another family to buy things for. Not that I mind, I just have a lot of extra thinking to do. My usual routine involves the thought process beginning in October, then escalating to the point that mid-December rolls around and I still haven't done anything. When half the recipients are scattered across the continental US that means a mild freak out occurs because I could miss the cut off date for mailing. Which happened this year. heh. BUT! I had great intentions, and I almost made it. I guess mailing packages out at 5:30pm on Christmas Eve at the automated machine at the post office still counts as before Christmas. Right?...right? I decided to make fancy goodies to put in decorated boxes. I chose Irish cream chocolates and marionberry French macaroons. I get really excited about making chocolates and French macaroons. They are so versatile and FUN. You wanna see?

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Ashly in CO said...

These look like they're straight from the cutest little pastry shop here in Portland! Good job--those are great presents!