Wednesday, May 21

A Shoot with My Little Belleville and Kate Osborne

One thing I love about where I live, is you can find a lot of very talented people. These two ladies are just that. I approached them because I thought it would be really cool to use Michelle's art, and Kate's photo skills to create some great pictures.  Michelle paints on ceramic dishware as part of her repertoire,  and I thought, "Her dishes, my sweets? Perfect pair." I met Kate a while ago while doing some cakes for a friends wedding where she was the photographer and loved what she did.

The shoot was great. Michelle has a great studio space with perfect light, and when I showed up it was even better in person! It's a 100 year-old mansion with great ceiling height and windows, and lot's of original details in the architecture and decor. We really just worked together here and there to create each shot, and I thought it would be really awesome for Michelle to draw on some macarons. They're perfect for that! I also LOVED the backgrounds and drawings Michelle did. Feast your eyes on cake and tea time with My Little Belleville and Kate Osborne Photography.

Sweet Treats: Noisette
Art and Ceramics: Michelle Christensen, My Little Belleville (she just had her Etsy shop featured!)
Photo: Kate Osborne Photography


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