Monday, May 21

Some cool things I've seen lately

I totally went against what everyone said and looked at the sun during the eclipse yesterday. It just looked like big white blob. Lucky for me my husband is observant and found this chain-link shadow on the wall through the blinds and said, "Hey? Isn't that the eclipse?" That's why I married him folks.

A weird looking car? Nope. Just a vintage special edition Rolls Royce (or Silver Cloud according to my car-savant friend) that was sitting in a parking lot downtown by my house. (I just Googled it-pretty sure it's a Silver Cloud).

If Crate and Barrel catered to the low-income demographic I'd have this in my house.

Oh hello Taylor Swift. I'm not quite familiar with your music but it looks as though you stay in super nice houses in Park City... 
I helped at a small dinner party on Saturday night and lived the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

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