Tuesday, May 15


Beehive Bazaar... success!! Thank you to all of you that came to support it. I sold out of everything! (Minus the two bags of marshmallows- and the one I gave to a little girl). I was so pleased and smiling all weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed the goodies! Remember: if you didn't get a chance to buy some there, I do special orders. So just email me and we'll getcha some :)

If any of you have any requests on flavors you'd like to see, then let me know. I love to see what other people want! I can do almost anything!


Merrells said...

I'm so sad I missed this...you were so close! Ugh. Next year maybe? Make sure to keep putting up when you're going to be at these things, maybe I'll actually make one!

m! said...

You got it! :)

irene wibowo said...

great photos. :)

Irene Wibowo