Monday, May 7

BBQ, wizardy, marshmallows, and a sink that won't quit

Matt's little bro graduated on Friday. The day was full of appointments: ceremony at 11, lunch at 1:30, star wars cake pickup at 4:30, bbq dinner at the 'rents at 5, then graduation party with friends by 10. I had the whole day off from work and it never felt so good. And this bbq wasn't grillin' in the back yard. This was authentic smoked bbq from a local place that does it like Texas. So much meat. And ice cream and cupcakes. I needed a detox after that meal.  On Sunday I was making marshmallows for the Beehive Bazaar, and I went to turn on the sink and I felt this little grinding in the handles and all of a sudden there was a gushing of water, a lot of turning of handles, and a realization that we'd made our own Niagara Falls. We tried to turn that stupid thing off but it wasn't having it. Matt proceeded to fill up a pot of water and dump it outside until the maintenance guy could get there and replace our faucet. Water everywhere. When it rains, it pours. Literally.

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