Thursday, April 5

Fancy Friday-Easter Edition

The finer days...Mary Jane's, Easter hats...1988 had it goin' on!

For some reason my memory always conjures up these moments from my past when Easter comes around. The profound sense of fashion must have been a big influence on me...
I remember distinctly how hot it seemed when we were made to stand there in our front yard on Easter Sunday wearing only our finest. (Did the sun have to be that hot?) We would then parade to church, and I remember taking a little candy from my basket for the road. Then we'd go home to color eggs, mill about the house, and eat a kick-a dinner. Church took FOREVER.

I would totally wear that purple dress today, but I like to think I have evolved. And while most days I still feel like that kid in the picture, I guess it goes without saying that some things are better left in the 80's.

However... with those beads and shoulder pads, my mom knew how to work it.

The dress, the shoes, the earrings, the necklace, with the hair and makeup, the ring, and the nails...

Trouve sandals

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Sarah said...

hahaha, Agreed your mom looks awesome! And I love your hat. hahaha