Wednesday, April 4

2 steps forward, 1 step back

I love dancing, but every now and then I like to mix it up and try something new. I've always really wanted to try the Pilates reformer and went for it last week. I've done a lot of mat classes, and a lot of yoga, and obviously a lot of ballet, but this was an experience that was different than anything I've done. I mean, it's the same type of thing, but still so different (I know-I'm so profound). It was great. There was something so easy yet difficult about it. It was fluid and gentle on my body. It really helped my tight hips that inevitably come with dancing, and then sitting at a desk all day (boo for sitting at desks). I loved how I felt after class, but was surprised at how much I felt it later. So sore! The weird thing is how much better you feel if you just go again a couple of days later. It's like you get stretched out and put back in place. Awesome.

I was happy to go, but it felt really good to go back to ballet class last night. It felt good to dance to live music, breath heavily, and work hard. And then I went to the market and saw a great sale. I bought two.

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