Tuesday, November 15


The thing I've loved about doing cakes is that every time I'm asked, I get to do something new, different, and it totally let's me learn a new technique. I've been really lucky that way. When I was chatting with the lovely bride about this cake, I was super excited to try out the ombre color. Quite honestly, I'd never heard of 'ombre', but clearly it's all about the color gradient. She was super laid back but knew exactly what she wanted. It's the easiest kind of client. I had to search out a good white cake recipe. And I mean white, because then the color would get all messed up. I felt that this was a decent one, but even with my tweaks it didn't quite have the flavor I wanted. It was still good and most importantly it created an amazing white canvas to dye the colors the way they needed to be. I obviously couldn't cut in to the bride's cake, so I made a small one to cut in to.

Oh, and let's not forget the ever-decadent Italian buttercream that this baby is wrapped in. yumm

vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream


Angelina said...

(This is Angie from ballet.) Yum! That cake looks AMAZING. You are so talented!

m! said...

Hi Angie! thanks-it was fun to make :) Come back to ballet!

thebuddinggourmet said...

very delicious & yummy :)