Thursday, November 17

Counting Down

The 2011 Holiday Beehive Bazaar is only 3 weeks away! I just spent hours last night working on labels, signs, etc... and I haven't even gotten to most of the baking yet. Time is running out!

If you are in Utah and you want to make the drive to Provo, come check it out! I haven't done a fair like this before, so it's exciting to see what will happen. I hope to be organized enough to post pictures of what I'll be selling, but here's a peek: french macaroons, holiday chocolate bark, chocolate truffles, marshmallows, hot chocolate on a stick... And it's all HANDMADE by yours truly. Now you see why I have a lot of work ahead!

In the meantime, if you like American Apparel, and you happened to not know about this, well, here's an early Christmas present.

Oh, and if chocolate's your thing, check this out. I'm not kidding, this really is some of the best of the best around. I was so happy when I saw it!

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