Wednesday, July 27

Hey! It's the Film Fest!

It's that time again folks-time for the Salt Lake City Film Festival! YAY! Tickets are on sale today. So hurry before they sell out! There are so many awesome films showing this year. Go out and grab yourself some! (Ten thousand points goes to those who can pick out where I am on the homepage....)


If you aren't in the SLC area and want to support the film fest (we would LOVE you for it!), take a gander at Kickstarter, where we are currently running a campaign to help with operating costs and all the crazy things that go in to making this happen every year. We've only got about 2 weeks left to reach our goal, or else we don't get anything! So if you or anyone you know wants to contribute to a great festival, forward this on!

love you!


*Jane Lee* said...

Nice cat sweater. HA HA! You guys are awesome.

m! said...

ah! isn't that funny? it's the funniest sweatshirt I've ever seen :)