Wednesday, February 9

oui oui

Matt and I splurged. We realllly like to travel out of the country if we can, and usually we try to make it a goal to go somewhere once a year. Matt had been talking about Peru for weeks. He was planning out where we would fly into, how long we would stay, how best to get to Cusco, etc etc. However, we kept looking for flights and trying to figure out when to go and have it make sense financially, but it wasn't quite working. So, we are going somewhere that I've wanted to go since 4th grade-PARIS. Seriously, Paris people. I can't even describe how exciting this is. We are going for 10 days in the beginning of May. Paris in Springtime my friends. It's going to be wonderful. I can't wait to eat, go to museums, see the catacombs, and we're going to try and make it down to the south of France, where it all happens in terms of food. Maybe while I'm there I'll run in to Rick Steves.