Sunday, April 12

Woodhouse Chocolate

Ok so there are some really cute little stores here in St. Helena along the Main Street. It's your typical Main Street-complete with trees lining the street, 25 mph speed limits, and people walking out in front of your car. And while there is only one fast food restaurant in the whole town (KFC/A&W), there are a lot of specialty restaurants and stores. One of these stores is the specialty chocolate shop called Woodhouse Chocolates. They are a small family owned business so they do things differently. I went in the other day and was so happy to see all of the different flavors they have. Things like Thai Ginger, Cinnamon Toast, and Passion Fruit. It probably sounds crazy to most people, but it sounds awesome to me. I like weird things. I ended up buying a few (and at $1.85 a piece, I could only get a few...) and I still have only eaten 1 of them. It was the honey flavor, which has milk chocolate honey butter mousse enclosed in a dark chocolate shell dusted with gold. Oh my...

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