Monday, April 20

Fruit Carving

One of the many benefits of attending this culinary school is the huge amount of side opportunities to learn. They have several different clubs or classes you can get involved in almost on a weekly basis. One of the classes I just took on Saturday afternoon was fruit and vegetable carving. There is a student on the hot side (the culinary/savory side of the kitchen)that is outstanding at this. He's been doing it for a couple of years and he's mostly self taught. A small group of us spent 4 hours with him so we could get some of the basics down. It was so fun! You'd be amazed at the amount of things you can do with some root vegetables and a small detailing knife. I was feeling really comfortable until we tried to carve roses into watermelons... That one is going to take some time.

*sorry for the poor lighting quality of the pictures!

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Brit said...

that is really cool!