Wednesday, September 5

A Laborious Day

How was everyone's Labor Day??

I wanted to have a fun weekend-so I did. My idea of a fun time is cooking, making things, shopping around, etc. I decided that I wanted to try a delicious ice cream that I found on the Desert Candy blog. I knew the moment I saw this ice cream last month, I had to figure out a time to make it! I wanted to do this project with my mom (she's the queen cook-plus she was the one with the ice cream maker) so I spent Sunday afternoon with her.

We modified the recipe just a bit. Instead of half and half, we used 1 cup heavy cream, and 1/4 cup skim milk. And instead of bourbon, we used homemade kahlua. yum.
What resulted was the creamiest, sweetest, most delectable ice cream we've ever had. I'm not kidding. The texture was absolutely gorgeous, and the flavor was something I had never had before in an ice cream. Along with our new found creation, my mom made her old school peach ice cream too. yum. Two in one day.
Here's a not-so-great picture. But you get the idea:

Then, to add to the feast, we dined on steaks, burgers, cucumber salad, a homemade pasta salad, and crab stuffed zucchini blossoms. It was absolutely delicious. It was a lot of fun making these zucchini blossom things. My mom had the idea from a recipe. Here's what they looked like. They were so so good.

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