Friday, August 31

Shoe Party

That's right-I went to a SHOE party last night! I have heard of such parties before, (mostly JEANS parties. that's just as good.) but I hadn't actually been to one before. A couple of friends and I found ourselves at a quite charming little apartment, with a central display of shoes to look at and try on. Size 9? Done. The hostess would grab my shoe, disappear for a minute to some unknown inventory somewhere and reappear with the size. They had little stocking booties too. How thoughtful. And the best part-no shoe was over $20! I got two. I'm wearing my new black pinstripe flats right now. I've needed some simple black shoes for a while now. I also got these:

Another pair I have been on the lookout for because of the impending cold weather. And because they're cute.

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