Monday, November 12

Smilebooth-West Elm

Welcome to the people that couldn't take a decent pic. We went to an opening party for the West Elm that opened last month. There was fancy food like fruit juices and mini sandwiches with beef. We walked around and looked at the goods when we stumbled upon the Smilebooth in the back corner. We found ourselves in the line, and since there were bars on the sides and people in front and back, I figured I might as well not fight it and risk spilling my fancy drink and embarrassingly having to go back and get another one so soon (it's all about preserving the food people).  Have you ever been to a party with one of these things? It's really a great idea. There's props, shiny things, and a window of 10 seconds to get a good picture. We took on the 50/50 rule: only 50% of the picture has a normal person in it at any given time.

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Erin said...

I love these pictures!! Gorgeous!