Wednesday, November 7

Craft Lake City 2012

So it's been a while. Let's start with Craft Lake City.

As you know I'm a big fan of CLC because they are so simple to deal with, and I always have a lot of success. This year was really good. Really hot, but really good. I thought I'd make the same amount of everything because I didn't sell out last year, and I was hoping to at least do what I did last time. I should have made more! I was sold out by 7:30 and it went to 10pm. I'm so flattered to all that purchased some. I hope it was yummy! I felt more prepared this year because I knew what to expect and what I wanted to get out of it. Next year they are doing CLC for two days... I'll be making a lot more next year. 

I made these super cute pom pom things from this tutorial.  I found that the tighter I wound them the more full they were, and then I just cut them down to the size and shape I wanted. I also grabbed some sticks from my mom's yard and glued them in. I wanted something that was different, but still said 'summer'. They were so simple!

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EM said...

How delicately beautiful, Meg. You're so creative, and perfectly execute everything you touch! LOVE the twigs and pompoms. xo