Tuesday, May 29

I didn't know you could off-road a Prius

I should have a 3-day weekend every weekend. Going back to work after you've been teased with an extra day is just not fair. We found out we have a friend with an awesome cabin past Park City, and we decided a spontaneous trip was in order.  I don't know why we've never done this because it's so close. The only thing we forgot was that it was raining, and dirt plus rain equals mud. And mud plus Prius was probably not the best idea. Because, well, it's a Prius. They run on grass and good vibes. And if the hybrid engine could talk he would cry and complain that he didn't get to go to yoga that morning, and then hold a grudge against us for several days. We managed to get up the roads pretty well, but I don't think we'll be taking him on mountain trips anytime soon. We also forgot that rain turns to snow when you get up high enough, and we woke up to white outside the window. Somehow it wasn't sticking, which was lucky for us. The fire we tried to build didn't keep us very warm either, and Matt and I camped out on the couch together like two besties at sleepover so we could stay warm. (you know, my feet by his head and his feet by my head...). We all hung out the next morning eating E.L. Fudge cookies (double stuffed, of course) and popcorn leftover from our movie the night before. We wanted to get a move on and get some breakfast, but only got two hundred feet before our friends' car ran out of gas. oops. I've never raced so fast to beat impending storm clouds. It wouldn't have been good to have two cars stuck. Prius to the rescue! I had the best time. We'll be going up again when the weather is a little better.

Matt and I found a new ceviche restaurant too. Peruvian ceviche. Oh geez...

ahem. that would be Maple Bacon.
a million points goes to who can guess this movie...

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