Wednesday, April 11

Leaving For Paris

With the beautiful weather we've been having over here lately (81 yesterday! woowee!) I've been thinking a lot about Paris. Matt and I were so lucky to be able to go last May for two whole stinkin weeks. We saved our little buns off for that one and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I know you hear about how cool, awesome, pretty, chic, Paris is, but really-it's that cool. We were amazed at how much it lived up to it's name. All we did was walk the city day in and day out. My feet have never hurt that bad but I would do again in a heartbeat. Every day was sunny and 70's. EVERY DAY! (I still can't believe how lucky we were). The croissants and bread were addictive, and we stopped and ate crepes, macarons, gelato, and chocolate as much as we could. The museums were stunning, and every park we stumbled upon we found ourselves staying a while.

Came across this little gem the other day. I'm telling you: get to Paris sometime. Soon.

aaaandd, a little night music for you:

Leaving For Paris No 2 (Dang you Rufus! That melodic voice gets me every time!)

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