Monday, March 19


I realize that my Weekend Documentation consists of where I ate. I realize I'm probably a little obsessed. Matt and I went to Meditrina-super swanky and yummy. Then the Park Cafe (we LOVE THEM), where copious amounts of chocolate chip pancakes with bacon were (almost) completely consumed. I realize I may have let down my fellow food challenge brothers on that one (those were the short stack too! I have a lot of practicing to do). And then Saturday night was Gob and me, and gluten-free multi grain pasta with basil pesto and goat cheese. I took the easy man's way out on making that one. I figure the green food was an homage to the Irish holiday. I did consume corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, green jello (how very Utah of me), green grapes, honeydew, green rolls, lime water, green cookies and cupcakes, and mint ice cream sandwiches as well... all on Sunday...

Well, I ate a lot this weekend. How embarrassing.

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