Friday, March 2


Oh the fun we had. I'm such a nerd for Disneyland. We went with two equally as nerdy for Disneyland friends about a month ago, and I've never eaten so much in my life. We make it a point to budget for all the eats you can eat in the park. They have the best goodies ever. When we see it-we eat it, that's the rule. The weather was perfect too. Conveniently for us it was over Super Bowl Sunday, so we had an excuse to party and eat more. I must have set a record for the most eating in a 4 day period. I didn't have too many pictures, but leave it up to me to get weird ones. Mostly of Matt, because he sets himself up for it. tee hee. By the way if you go this summer, see the Worlds of Color. Disney gets it right!

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