Friday, October 21

It's diamond studded

Ok so it's not really. But isn't it cute? I loved making this cake. It was my sister in law's birthday recently and I was asked to do "just something cute and fun. It doesn't have to be a big deal". Soooo this is what I came up with. You know how when you go to school for something you feel like people might just expect whatever you do to be good or amazing or brilliant or...? yeah I get that sometimes. I know a lot of it is me, but man! the pressure to perform! What if I had just shown up with Betty Crocker making my cake and I slapped some grocery store decor on there and called it a day? Because I was tempted. But then I thought about how I spent 8 months and a million dollars learning how to bake and make things pretty and thought: "hm. That would look bad." (by the way, if you love Betty and easy decor, by all means do it! There's nothing wrong with that if that's the way you roll). So alas here I stand with a cake that took hours and I couldn't even go to the party to see their smiling faces. I hear she liked it. Yay :)

crap. I don't remember the flavors. Wait! Vanilla cake with Strawberry buttercream. There you go.

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