Thursday, September 1

It's a great big flower

I had the opportunity to make this wedding cake for a couple of friends who got married in the middle of August. When she asked me she said she just wanted something simple. She sent me a picture of the cake she found and I was so in love with it! We ended up changing the color of the fondant (white chocolate fondant btw-yummers) to this blue, and then I said I'd make the flower out of sugar for her, and make it ivory colored. I loved that I got a chance to work with gumpaste again and create this. Such a great idea!

chocolate and vanilla cakes with raspberry buttercream


Courtney said...

It's beautiful! Once again, you are so amazing!

m! said...

thanks Court :) you're always so nice

BAndrews said...

Wish to have had this cake for my wedding- it's breath-taking!