Friday, July 1

TA-Retransformation part 1

It's Day 4....

So part of my retransformation for the summer is to get in shape. I know that everyone says this, especially women, but it's true. Part of my Me Makeover is to get back in shape, but better. I've always been active, mostly in dance, but the last year just got out of control apparently, and my butt went with it. I never thought of myself as the type that would ever do that, but seriously nobody is immune to it. Nobody! My exercise method of choice is usually ballet because it BY FAR does my body good compared to anything else. I've tried running, pilates, weight lifting (ew! did NOT work. Hello football player thighs. No joke) and anything you can think of at the gym. I just respond well to the lengthening and control that ballet provides. But for some reason it's gotten increasingly harder to make it to ballet class. It's only offered at certain times, and it can get expensive. So, I stumbled across Tracy Anderson some how. I don't remember where I saw her, but when you do you can't miss it. She's got a rockin body! After looking in to her stuff, I realized that maybe it would be something that could work for me. She offers a different approach to exercising which fits into a way I already know works for me, but I can do it at home. I purchased the 30-day method book (it's like boot camp) that comes with a dvd and decided to give it a shot. I thought it would be a nice intro to her stuff. Then if it works, try out something else. Well folks, I'm on day 4, and so far so good! Those exercises royally kick my butt. The cardio is dance cardio, which isn't hard for me because I've been dancing my whole life, but honestly, it just makes me laugh at myself. I can't take myself seriously when I do it because she's definitely different. She's gotten a lot of flack too. I say, just listen to your own body. You'll know if it's something that can work for you. For example, the diet plan. It seems minimal at times, but I know this: follow it as closely as you can, but also listen to yourself. If your body needs more then give it what it needs, just make it healthy. Every body is a little different, so make it work for you. I wasn't planning on starting the program this week so I haven't been following it. I've been eating my own healthy meals. But I do plan on trying it out next week.

Maybe if I'm brave I'll do before and after photos....eeek!

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