Friday, June 10


chocolate decor

I'm going to play this out to the bitter end! My last class in school, which was chocolate. I adored this class. I was at a point where I could feel more comfortable, so enjoying myself was much easier. Working with chocolate definitely isn't easy when you do it the right way. It takes so much time and patience. And it's very temperamental. Just humidity and temperature can affect how your chocolate reacts. It's really an art form-I respect the people who are really good at it. Chocolate takes on it's own life. Probably some of the most therapeutic times was when I was in this class dipping chocolates. We did a lot of candies too. Peppermints, jellies, nougat, caramel...We also had the chance to make a chocolate showpiece. Ever seen those Food Network Challenges? Have you seen one with chocolate? It's preeetttttyyyy awwwweessooommmmme...!

almond dragees & the whole lot

different molded chocolates

the chocolate showpiece with chocolate roses


Sarah said...

That showpiece is AMAZING! I am so impressed! P.S. I can only read your blog after lunch because it makes me hungry.

Lexi said...

That showpiece is beautiful. I always admire people when they work with chocolate. You're right, it really is an art form.