Sunday, March 6

Restaurants have desserts?

This class was crazy. The whole program led up to this one for me. I was the most intimidated by it. I think it was because it required the most concentration and fast action. This was the restaurant desserts class. You know how when you go to a fancy restaurant the dessert is super nice and interesting? That's what this class was. We had to make it a la minute as well, and then serve it during lunch to everybody. As the days went on though, I realized that my intimidation was unwarranted, because I was learning so much so fast. The chef that taught the class was very very good at what he did. This class was his thing, so he pushed us to do it well. I can definitely say that this class was when I felt the most improvement. We had a huge final project that required us to create a six course dessert menu, and then serve it so they could evaluate us. It's always a little scary doing that. I think our menu was pretty good, and we got a pretty decent grade too. I'll show you some of my favorite dishes throughout the class.

-from left to right starting at the top: Fruit Mousse, Soy Milk Panna Cotta with AMAZING fresh plums called Elephant Ear, Spiced Bavarian Cream with Raisin Sauce, Mexican Chocolate Mousse, French Toast with Orange Ice Cream, Berry Coulis and Orange Supremes, Soft Banana Cake with Yogurt Sorbet and Chicory Glaze, and Poire Belle Helene deconstructed, meaning, poached pears, brown sugar ice cream, cherry compote, chocolate sauce, and salted/toasted walnuts. yay :)

*Sorry for the low quality of the pics-I just had to use my small point and shoot during this class.


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