Tuesday, December 14

tortuga's design es muy bonita

Have I posted about this before? maybe...? Anyway I have to post again. A very good friend of mine makes her own jewelry to sell. She and her mom work very hard at it, and they are really talented. They're from Venezuela so a lot of their stuff is inspired by where they come from. I love them to pieces! And their jewelry too :) Honestly check 'em out.

Tortuga's Design

Oh yeah, I have these and they're basically some of the most beautiful earrings I own.


Princess Eri said...

What is the song in the background of your blog? I absolutely adore it? Thanks. :)

m! said...

I actually have a few songs playing. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there is a music player. Just click through the songs until you find the one you like. Thanks for reading!