Thursday, March 4


Another class maybe? ok. The next subject in school was all about small dessert pastries that weighed between 2 and 5 oz or so. Sounds weird, but in the food industry it is quite common to see desserts of this size. It's like personal pan pizza-it's a personal size dessert. Makes sense now right? It's just the right size for one person to handle. They'll have different textures, elements, etc to make it interesting, i.e. mousse, crunchy layer, cake... They're usually pretty good, and they tend to have some interesting decor elements on them too. If you've ever been to Gourmandise in downtown Salt Lake City they've got a whole case full of this kind of stuff. Pretty tasty.

Above- left, top to bottom: Opera cake (yummy!); religieuse and baba rum; opera cake and lemon roulade; chocolate coconut tortes; middle top to bottom: cashew daquiose; napoleons; fruit tartlettes; right top to bottom: barquettes; apple tarts.

Religieuse. You were wondering weren't you? It's pronounced "ray-le-gzhus" (more or less) and is traditional pastry that's supposed to resemble a nun. It's basically cream puffs with chocolate fondant on them. Can you kind of see it?...

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