Friday, February 5

Post Script

I was finally able to start organizing all my pictures from culinary school. I found these few that should have been in previous posts. Top left is Panetonne and Monkey Bread that should have been in the previous post; top right is the same with the addition of Gugelhopf; middle left is the cake topper that I made in this post. It's out of pastillage which is a cornstarch type mixture that you can shape and mold, but dries extremely fast. So if you aren't quick, your stuff will break ( did I explain that already?). The roses I made from marzipan. Bottom right is another sugar sculpture from this post. We were learning the pulled method. The tree trunk is cool because it has actual air pockets from using a certain pulling method, and that's why you see the variation in the brown color if you look closely. The bottom left is just a few quick breads: pumpkin raisin, zucchini, and Morning Glory, which is a yummy mixture of carrots, raisins, walnuts, pineapple, apple, and golden raisins. It's one of my favorites.