Tuesday, January 19

It came and went rather quickly

So what do you think? Chances are I'm going to be changing the picture up there every now and then. I tend to get bored.

So a couple of weeks ago I was able to do a wedding cake for a lovely girl who got married on New Years Eve. I was so flattered that she was excited and took a chance on a recent graduate. She had a really great idea for this cake. She wanted chocolate cake with a hazelnut filling. I didn't have a recipe for that, so I got to play around come up with one. She wanted buttercream, not fondant, for the covering. I threw in an extra 8 inch cake to make sure she had enough for all of her guests.

I just have a small kitchenaid mixer, so 4 days, 5 times the chocolate cake recipe and 6 times the buttercream recipe later I had a cake to deliver. I was told later that people went back for seconds. That's all I needed to hear. Success!

He was a complete life saver. He's got a smile and everything.


Merrells said...

Looks awesome Meg and what a good hubby!

lacieinthesky said...

Very cute Meg!! Sounds delicious :)

Aly Cain Sharette said...

Megan thanks again for doing this for me. It turned out just the way I had imagined it. However the only time I got to taste it was when David smashed it all over me. The part that made it into my mouth was delish!