Monday, October 12

Bellwether Farms

There is a lovely family farm located in Petaluma, about an hour or so away from school, that farms sheep's milk and makes wonderful cheeses and yogurt. They also make some cheese from cow's milk too. We got the opportunity to go visit their farm and take a tour, which is very unusual. They don't usually do that. It's a small farm, and they make and ship everything from there. Their product is just outstanding. Their cheeses are so good, and they just came out with a sheep's milk yogurt a year or so ago. It's been really well received around the bay area. They also ship to other places. In fact, I've seen some of their product at Liberty Heights Fresh in Salt Lake City. It's worth every penny. The old couple that owns the farm are just the nicest people, and so gracious. I was so happy I got the chance to go.

Bellwether Farms

That guy had just made some new cheese (their San Andreas cheese) and he was turning it, which is part of the very long process of making cheese.

This is the aging room, where it's damp and cool (like a cave) and where the cheese is aged for weeks. It is a process of turning periodically and watching to see when it's ready to turn. It takes a very skilled person to see when. Also, that other picture is where the milk is pasteurized.

This is where the ewe's are milked. And the other picture is a close up of the cheese in the aging room.

This is the barn; and the other is where they let us taste some of the cheese. SO GOOD. The back white container is fresh, warm, sheep's milk ricotta. It was one of the most amazing cheeses have no idea...

And this is where we got to stop off and have a nice lunch at park. Aren't the leaves beautiful?