Monday, May 25

Bread and Butter

um. hello? Yeah if nobody is there I totally understand. I've been MIA for about 3 weeks...sorrrrryyyyy. Life is busy!!

Alright, so lately in class it's been bread. Bread and more bread too. Basically we're learning how to mix, ferment, shape, proof and bake breads. It would really suck to have Celiac disease at this point. Breads are one of those things that you can learn what you're supposed to do, but it takes a trained eye to really see if the bread is ready to bake. And believe me, overproofed bread is really ugly, and frankly, it just doesn't quite have the texture and taste it's supposed to either. It's been a challenge to try and learn the technique for recognizing this. I have a test on Friday. We'll see if I know it by then... :)


croissant, naan, raisin, lavash, ciabatta, potato bread.


Chris said...

after reading your posts, it makes me wonder, who WOULDN'T want to go to culinary!! Yum!

Tobler Bunch said...

Would you come over and make me some bread, or many breads? I love, love bread of any kind with butter, lods of butter. I am so jealous that you are learning how to make them.

Erin said...