Monday, January 12

It's been a while,


I took Matt downtown to Hotel Monaco on Saturday for a quick quasi-getaway for graduating this past semester. My plans worked out really well, because I had planned to see the BodyWorlds exhibit before it ended yesterday and upon finding out that it was open 24 hours all weekend, we decided to go late Saturday night. GLAD WE DID. It was sold out and crowded as could be, with a line that had a 2 hour wait. We left around 1am. geez. Aside from our poor feet aching like crazy, it was so worth it. Absolutely outstanding exhibits. It's very thought provoking to see your body laid out in front of you to see all the details.
We ate at an Irish restaurant for dinner (YUM), and ate at Bambara for breakfast (YUM YUM). Matt was pleased, and we had a great time.

ps. did you know Hotel Monaco is pet friendly? They let you bring your pet for free, and they provide all the stuff your little friend needs. So fun...