Tuesday, December 16

Polka DottiLicious

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I threw a baby shower brunch for Melanie. We centered the theme of the shower around the decor that they are putting in the baby's room. They don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, so we couldn't have it gender specific. I took a few colors from the wall decals that they bought, and made it into a circle themed party. We had eggs benedict, cinnamon rolls, fruit and yogurt trifle, and tons of candy on hand for later. Everything was a circle. Here are some favorite pictures.


*Jane Lee* said...

How about a picture of Melanie? I bet she is the cutest prego EVER! Wish I could have gone... :(

Courtney said...

So cute! Such a great idea! I love the pictures you always take too!