Wednesday, November 5


Matt and I have a recent obsession and it's in the form of frozen yogurt. I know it's not surprising that food is an obsession no matter how recent it may be, but this stuff is definitely super duper good. For those of you in Utah, do you remember Golden Swirl? And then do you remember how it disappeared out of nowhere? Well hear is a great replacement/alternative because it is, get this, good for you. I don't want to go into great detail of why, go here to find out. It resembles that of PinkBerry, that well known hip place in LA. But this is great because it's here in SLC, and it's local. So go support them. My favorite is original yogurt with cookie dough...ahhhh


Jenna Bishop said...

I love how much you blog about food lol!

megan said...

that's what happens when you love it so much... :)