Wednesday, October 29

New York, Baltimore, and DC

So a friend told me that I should post pictures from my recent trip. Duh, I said to myself. She was right. So, we had a great and marvelous time. We toured the city, and then went into Baltimore by bus to see my brother and his cute girlfriend. They also took us into DC. They were the best of hosts-treating us to awesome nights out, complete with 7 course dinners, authentic Baltimore crabs, and indulging us in a city that they already know well. New York is awesome of course, for those of you that have been there. That city is truly the city that never sleeps.

These pictures are from our gorgeous and delicious lunch at L'Ecole-The French Culinary Institute's restaurant. I was there touring the school, and when you do that they offer you a free lunch for two. VERY WORTH IT.

For more photos, click here

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