Thursday, October 2


I'm back from the vacation-lots to tell with pictures and everything, but, in the meantime, look who joined the family a couple of days ago! My newest nephew. The name is still undecided. It's between Ian, Griffen, and Sawyer. My favorite is Ian, so I will call him that until otherwise notified :) Congratulations you guys!

Ian (hopefully) Andrew Mouton
8 pounds 8 ounces
New Orleans, LA
18 hours old


Merrells said...

Wait, whose baby is this? Oh, and was your husband at the zoo today, bychance? I think I saw him there...

megan said...

it's my brother Andrew's new baby. And yes! Matt was at the zoo... How funny

Merrells said...

I debated chasing him down and asking him but obviously I didn't. I almost didn't recognize him with all that facial hair! Funny.