Friday, June 13

High School Seussical

I realized tonight that I'm sitting home alone watching High School Musical 1 and 2 in order. It's not totally bad. I've been snacking on toast and 74% dark chocolate. I've never seen so much color and impromptu musical numbers. Where do those mics come from? They must be sore from all the gyrating hips and snapping head movements. I had to take breaks. I periodically switched over to the food network, and maybe if I was feeling like I wanted to waste a lot of time, the style channel, where I felt the stress in that life threatening decision to pick out the perfect wedding dress. I guess the tween in me was really needing a recap of my teenage years. I remember singing about everything I felt too. And it felt so good once I hit that high G. Being a teenager is SO HARD.

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Merrells said...

I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL(S)!!! The best thing about having a kid is having a legitimate excuse to watch kid movies. Don't worry...we also listen to the soundtracks in the car and she can sing a lot of them.