Wednesday, January 2

New Years Bash

HAPPY 2008!

My mom wanted to throw a New Years Eve party at her house this year. Mostly so we could invite our friends and still be with family. The lady knows how to throw a party. Fondue was the theme, so we had a chocolate fountain with every imaginable fruit, cookie, and sweet to dip in dark chocolate. We had cheese too of course, a gourmet emmenthaler and gruyere mix with red wine cooked in. There was every kind of bread, cracker, and meat all over. Egg nog and raspberry sherbet and sprite with maraschino cherry punch were the main drinks. My mom has a dance room in her house so we put up a mirror ball and 2008 decorations. My brother in law provided the music prep and we had ourselves a great time. This was the first year we did this sort of thing so I had no idea it would be so fun. I stayed up until 4am. Happy New Year.

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